Tough economic times call for golden solutions

golden solutions

Global InterGold: Tough economic times call for golden solutions «Bank Gold»

With the latest economic upheavals, gold has gained in popularity, attracting investors, politicians and mere house-keepers. Every day news report on some of gold-related topics – growing gold prices, mine closures, central banks increasing their gold reserves and even smugglers trying to cross the border with gold bars in their stomachs. Is the world over-reacting or are there grounds for the desire to have this precious yellow metal?

Facts, Figures & Experts

Recently gold prices have hit a sensational record, having climbed $80 in 5 days. The figure was recorded on February 11, when the prices hiked to $1253 – on February 8 the price tag for an ounce showed $1173. Moreover, in 2 months time the prices grew by 20%, having gained around $200! Analysts agree that this jump – and the popularity of gold in general – was caused by the overall anxiety and growing pessimism about the world economy.

 to start earning money with gold

Peter Koven (a Canadian mining reporter), Lukman Otununga (an analyst from FXTM), Robert Cohen (a manager at Scotiabank’s Dynamic Funds) are only a few adherents of the opinion that gold is in trend, which will lead to higher prices in future. At the same time, there are skeptics, e.g., Goldman Sachs bank forecasts the gold price fall due to possible interest rate increase in the «Bank Gold».

However, the implementation of this measure is tightly connected with the state of economy. At this point, the state of the US and the world economies is shaky. The World Gold Council has released the data which stated that the last year showed the second best buying performance by central banks for the last 20 years. In total, there were 336 tons of gold bought, which leads to the conclusion that countries strive to support their economies with gold.

People choose gold to protect their finance and multiply income

Statistics suggest that people tend to buy gold more often now. For instance, in 2015 Indians bought more golden jewelry than a year before, and in China people began to buy more gold bars. In general, people worldwide show more interest in gold and in protecting their personal economies.

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